Truro marched with pride on Tuesday for the city’s St Piran’s Day Parade.

Organised by Truro City Council and Truro’s Old Cornwall Society, the procession left Waterfall Gardens on St George’s Road, headed towards the War Memorial on Boscawen Street and ending at High Cross, with brief speeches and songs from the steps of Truro Cathedral. 

In a project funded by FEAST and delivered by Salt Projects Cornwall, artist Tony Minnion visited St Marys C of E Primary School and Truro High Prep School to design and create banners celebrating their school community. These were unveiled at the parade.  

Event coordinator Cllr Bert Biscoe said: “The annual Truro Parade, and all the celebrations throughout Cornwall and around the world during Pirantide, are a declaration of spring, of those values which are embraced in the motto ‘One & All’, and of Cornish community spirit and cultural expression.  

“We fly our flag, speak our language, dance and sing, and go about our lives in our Cornish way, as we have done for thousands of years. 

“Our way invites and embraces people, ideas and challenges, and is compassionate and respectful of the natural world – all things embodied in the story of our Cornish patron saint, Piran.  

“When we sing Trelawny it is to show the world the reason why Cornish life and Cornish values endure. Kernow bys vykken.”