Residents are being invited to attend protest on Thursday against the cliff at Whipsiderry being concreted.

The Save Whipsiderry Cliffs demonstration is being held at 9am.

The ‘peaceful’ protest follows ‘eco warriors’ being removed from the site by security on Tuesday and Wednesday.

People are gathering to show the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Cornwall Council, the developers LQP Porth Limited and the contractors Teign Consulting & CDEC Limited, that they object to the “desecration” and “destruction” of the natural environment and wild bird and mammal habitat.

The cliff reinforcement works are taking place to enable seven luxury villas to be built on the clifftop above at the former site of the Paradise Cover Hotel.

Protestors are calling for the Marine Management Organisation to withdraw the licence from the developer to carry out the cliff works.

More than 150 people attended the first protest against the cliffs being concreted, which was held on Saturday, February 18 following the works starting.

Lyndsey Young and Andrew Robey from Save Whipsiderry Cliffs said: “We are gathering peacefully at Whipsiderry Beach to show the Marine Management Organisation and Cornwall Council, that we wholly object to this blatant desecration of this beautiful natural environment, by a money grabbing developer, who has no consideration for nature, or the local community.

“There has been a complete failure of the planning and licence processes, which are very obviously biased towards the developers, and do not in any way, consider public and professional objections. 

“This development of seven holiday homes in a town with a serious affordable housing crisis will benefit the developer only, and destroy one of the last “wild” environments in the local area, as well as be a scar on the coastal landscape. 

“We previously gathered on Saturday February 18, just as the works started.

“More than 150 attended this demonstration, which received local press coverage. 

“Over the last two weeks, the public have had a continuous presence on the beach, and hundreds of members of the public have reported to the MMO breaches of licence conditions & additional environmental & ecological evidence for the MMO to consider. 

“In addition there have been many breaches of safety regulations reported to the Health and Safety Executive, including risk of death to public & workers. 

“We understand there are ongoing conversations, between various professional bodies and the MMO and Cornwall Council, which are covering geological concerns.

“Ecology as the cliffs are home to nesting Fulmars, bats and Cornish Choughs, which are a protected species.

“However the destructive work is being allowed to continue, which to date has involved the lowering a JCB and other machinery down a crumbling 200 foot cliff, by crane onto a beach owned by the Duchy Of Cornwall - over members of the public and workers. 

“Drilling and excavating the caves, making the cliffs even more unstable. 

“Distributing rock and debris around the beach and drilling steel rods five metres into the caves.

“Our primary aim is to persuade the MMO to halt the works, so the additional evidence supplied by the public and professional bodies can be considered, and for the MMO to withdraw the licence based on this evidence. 

“The Cornwall Council Planning Department appear to have washed their hands of this, even though the live planning application is 16-years-old.

“The developer owns the freehold for the site, and the Duchy Of Cornwall owns the foreshore, the land on which the cliff stabilisation works are taking place.”