With the panto season about to begin, the stars of Peter Pan at the Hall for Cornwall have been sharing their winter wellbeing tips - from looking after poorly Lost Boys to dealing with injuries from sword fighting with pirates.

The cast have worked with NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board to create a short film for the Christmas season – oh yes they have!

The advice will also be used in a daily advent calendar in the countdown to Christmas with the panto cast joining NHS staff from across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly from today.

Captain Hook, aka Edward Rowe (Kernow King), said: “We’re here to spread joy this Christmas with Peter Pan at Hall for Cornwall, but to make the most of the festivities, it’s important to remember look after yourselves.”

Peter Pan, played by Ollie McFarlane, said: “If you’re struggling with your mental health at this time of year or worried about someone else, you can call free 24/7 on 0800 038 5300.  You are not alone, so be sure to reach out for help.”

Meanwhile Jade Lauren, who plays Wendy, had tips for parents: “When the lost boys are ill, I pull out my phone and open up Handiapp. This great app gives parents advice on common childhood illnesses, and guides you if you need to seek further help.”

Sara Markland plays fairy Tinker Bell, who needs children to clap to help her get better. She has this advice for humans: “When out and about on adventures this winter, you might get cuts, sprains or run out of medication. These are all things pharmacists can help you with. If you need to, remember you can call 111 for advice.”

Finally Tiger Lily, aka Kelise Gordon Harrison, has advice for those who are injured during their adventures: “Broken bones, nasty scrapes and deep cuts can happen in all sorts of ways – from icy pavements through to play fighting.

"If you are hurt, you should get yourself to your local minor injuries unit as soon as you can to help you get on the mend.”

Peter Pan runs from December 4 to 31 at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro.