RESIDENTS in a Cornish town have been asked for their views on what they’d like to see adjacent to a railway station.

Cllr Colin Martin, the Cornwall Council member for Lostwithiel and Lanreath, has been involved in discussions regarding a potential railway station car park on land next to the site.

He said: “I met with Network Rail along with representatives of the town council and the Town Team to discuss the possibility of turning the land next to Lostwithiel Railway Station into a car park.

“As we know from the footbridge saga, anything involving Network Rail takes a long time, and there are lots of obstacles which still need to be overcome.”

He added there were potential limitations with the options available, but wanted residents to give him their view. He said Network Rail “aren’t interested in operating car parks”, GWR “might do it but they’d be operating it for the benefit of shareholders and rail users, not the community”, Cornwall Council “could do it, but with a budget shortfall would use it to maximise revenue” and that the town council would have greater flexibility and use the profits for the town, but he didn’t know if they had the capacity to set it up and run it.