Women are being invited to experience the empowerment and camaraderie of surfing in Newquay to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday.

Newquay Women’s Surf Club is calling on women of all ages and abilities to join in the celebration and raise funds for a new initiative to get more women into surf coaching. 

Newquay Women's Surf Club (Submitted)

Rosa Thompson, the club's founder and Director said: "Joining our club means joining a family.

“We support each other, form deep connections, and share a love for the ocean. It’s a place where friendships are forged on the shore and in the surf."

Jessie Joe Jacobs, the club’s president, added "We're inviting women to join us in the water this International Women’s Day to experience the empowerment that comes with the sport whilst also launching our fundraising drive to raise money to support women to become surf instructors and get into a career in surfing.

“There’s nothing more empowering than finding a vocation within something you love. 

"Let's celebrate International Women’s Day by empowering women in Cornwall through surfing,

"It's more than surfing; it's about finding strength within and around us."

Newquay Women’s Surf Club will run group club surf sessions, and social events during International Women’s Day week, to welcome new members and celebrate women in surfing.

It is an opportunity for women to step out of their comfort zones, connect with nature, and join a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

They are also raising funds to support women who want to learn to be surf coaches, ensuring there are opportunities for women, not just to learn to ride the waves but to carve out a career in empowering others to enjoy the sea. 

Women interested in joining the club or supporting their fundraising efforts can get in touch through the club's website or social media.

To learn more or to sign up for events visit [https://www.newquaysurfclub.co.uk] or follow us on [https://www.instagram.com/womenssurfclubnewquay