South West Water is launching a new website to update people on water quality at beaches in the wake of continuing criticism over how often the water company discharges sewage into the sea via storm overflow pipes.

SWW said its website would be a "one-stop shop" for all information about its network and the company wanted to be "really open" with its customers.

The company says it is reducing the use of storm overflows and launching WaterFit Live ahead of this year’s bathing season.

The WaterFit Live map is designed to share information about the region’s beaches,  the location and performance of storm overflows and the company’s plans to improve water quality.

South West Water hopes sharing information about water quality "will help people feel confident about our beaches and the quality of the water".

The new system forms part of the company’s commitment to share more information with customers on both environmental performance and investment plans across the South West’s 860 miles of coastline. 

WaterFit Live will also share information about beaches to explain how the network and storm overflows work.   

Through ‘Your Beach, Your Say, Our Investment’ customers will be able to share knowledge about their local beach and help South West Water prioritise their next round of investment from 2025. 

Susan Davy, the group chief executive of SWW owner Pennon, said: "We want people to feel confident about the water quality at their favourite beach and to know we are serious about reducing the use of storm overflows. WaterFit Live is designed to share helpful information about bathing water quality, the improvements we are already making and future investments.”

South West Water plans on expanding WaterFit Live so it also covers river water quality later this year.