THE shortlist of names to christen Cornwall’s 25 gritting lorries has been unveiled by the local authority.

The names are now up for public vote, with up to five in each category available to choose.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: “We think it’s better when the gritters have a good name behind them. So, earlier this year, we asked residents to submit their family-friendly Cornish-themed suggestions to Cornwall Council.

“We were blown away by the amazing response to naming our gritting fleet. With 2,266 entries, it was not easy to whittle them down to 50. But after careful consideration, we did it, and now it’s your turn to pick the top 25.

“You can head to the polls and vote for your favourites. Voting will close at 23:59 on Thursday, April 11, so remember to cast your vote before then.

“The top 25 names chosen by the public will be displayed on our gritting vehicles, and they will be officially named at the beginning of the next winter season.”

The full list of names to choose from feature three categories: place names, famous people and names and Cornish language and culture.

Cornish residents can vote online at

Place Names

Hayle Storm, RNAS Cold Nose, Snowing Up Camborne Hill, Looe Gritt, Salty McSaltash, Wheal Gritty, Deep and Trispen even, Port Ice Axe, Shiverton Cross, Bripper, Davidsnow, South Frosty, Blizzard Peninsula, The Beast of Bodmin, Morwensnow, Mevagritty, Spreadruth.

Famous People and Names

Humphreeze Davy, Grichard Trevithick, Shall Trelawny Grit, Frankie goes to Camelford, Trelawny, Mick Sleetwood, Sir Grit-a-Lot, The Gritterman’s Friends, Demeltza, Daphne du Meltier, Cousin Jack, Bob Gritzsimmons, Salt Piran, Grit Rescorla, Denzil Penberthy, David Penhaligon, Grit-a-long Trevaskis.

Cornish language, local dialect and culture

Pasty Express, Choughed to Grits, Rag Kerensa Fordh (for the love of roads), Gryttin Da (as in myttin da, good morning in Cornish), Bryntin Grittin (brilliant grittin’), Gurt Licker the Gritter (very big the gritter), Kernow bys grittin (a play on Kernow bys Vyken), Kert Holan (salt truck in Cornish), Proper Job, Dreckly me ansum, Snow is scone, Jam First, Salty Maid, Crimp my ride, Oggy, Knocker