A special event was held to commemorate the RNLI 200 Connecting our Communities Scroll last Thursday at the RNLI Penlee Lifeboat Station.

The RNLI continues to mark its 200th anniversary in 2024 and one of the events sees a scroll, bearing the RNLI pledge, being passed through RNLI communities – lifeboat stations, shops, lifeguard units and fundraising branches – around the UK and Ireland and being signed by representatives at each location on its route.

The RNLI Pledge has been travelling the length and breath of Britain and Ireland since leaving Westminster Abbey on March 4 when it started its journey. The scroll arrived at the RNLI Penlee Lifeboat Station on April 11 where it was signed by RNLI Penlee coxswain Patch Harvey and lifeboat chairman Janet Madron.

RNLI Coxswain Patch Harvey signing the scroll
((RNLI Coxswain Patch Harvey signing the scroll) )

Patch became the 200th signatory on the scroll in the RNLI’s 200th anniversary year.

On the scroll is the phrase: ‘Signed in 2024 by representatives of the RNLI’s lifesaving communities, on behalf of all who strive to save every one’, which has been translated into Cornish, as well as Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Ulster Scots and Manx, to represent all of our RNLI communities.

It also contains the RNLI One Crew Pledge which reads: ‘Whoever we are, wherever we are from, we are one crew, ready to save lives. We’re powered by passion, talent and kindness, like generations of selfless lifesavers before us. This is our watch, we lead the way, valuing each other, trusting each other, depending on one another, volunteering to face the storm together. Knowing that, with courage, nothing is impossible. That is what has always driven us to save every one we can. It's what makes every one of us a lifesaver.’

The scroll is due to arrive at both the Lizard and Falmouth Lifeboat Station today (Wednesday, April 17). It will continue to travel until October, when it will end its long tour in Douglas, Isle of Man.

To follow the progress of the scroll on its journey around the UK and Ireland on an interactive map, visit: rnli.org/about-us/our-history/2024/programmes/connecting-our-communities