THE town council in Newquay is calling on all residents to join in a collaborative effort to enhance the town's green spaces. 

The authority is inviting residents to participate in a tree survey as part of its mission to protect existing trees and increase tree coverage in Newquay.

The tree survey is provided by Treezilla, an innovative tree-mapping platform supported by The Open University. 

A spokesperson for Newquay Town Council said: “We invite people to go online at or download the free app and contribute to our collective tree inventory. 

“By plotting and photographing trees across Newquay, you'll play a crucial role in helping us understand our current tree landscape. Participating in the tree survey is easy and enjoyable. 

“All you need is a smartphone and a dressmaker's measuring tape. Once a tree is added to the database, the app will provide valuable insights into its carbon capture potential and water absorption capabilities. Estimating a tree's height is simple too.

“Just have someone stand next to the tree, step back, and gauge how many times their height fits into the tree's height. Multiply their height accordingly to get an estimate.”

Newquay's Tree Strategy, spearheaded by councillor Sarah Thomson, aims to address the town's low tree coverage compared to the rest of the UK. 

Cllr Thomson said: “Trees play a vital role in cooling urban areas, increasing property values, and boosting footfall in shopping centres. We need your help to make the Newquay Tree Strategy a reality. 

“By recording existing trees through the tree survey, you'll contribute invaluable data that will inform future planting initiatives and shape the future of our town. 

“Plus, it’s a free, fun activity that anyone can do.”

The Voice reported recently that residential streets in Newquay are set to get greener after the town was awarded £133,000 to plant new trees.

Tree planting is scheduled to take place in Glamis Road and Chester Road following the successful grant bid by Forests for Cornwall under the Government’s Urban Tree Challenge.

There will also be trees planted in Hilgrove Road, Whitegate Road and St Aubyn Crescent next winter.