Plans to breathe new life into former police station in St Ives have been submitted to planners. 

Geoff Greaaves, who owns Merlin Cinemas, has applied to change the use of the building on Dove Street into six self-contained apartments.  

The building recently closed as an active police station with a Devon and Cornwall Constabulary spokesperson noting that the building “no longer suited the needs of a modern police service”.  

A planning statement said: “Akin to many other buildings around the town, the former police station is built into the hillside with the ground rising steeply beside the lower floors and the second floor being predominantly level with Trenwith Place.  

“The site is unusual in that it benefits from a sufficient level of parking which has its own access onto Dove Street which, in turn, links to the B3306 and A3074 that lead to the town and further afield.  

“There are a number of traditional fishing related businesses within the town but it is probably fair to say that the wider commercial context of St Ives focusses and relies predominantly upon the tourism sector.  

"In turn, the town remains reliant upon a good locally based workforce to support the various service industries including hotels, pubs, restaurants and other associated activities.  

“At present there are limited opportunities for this workforce to find reasonable and permanent accommodation to suit their needs within St Ives and are they are subsequently having to travel, sometimes significant distances, to work.  

“This lack of accommodation, coupled with limited parking and public transport, can lead to local businesses struggling to find and retain suitable staff. 

"This planning application seeks planning permission for a modest extension at second floor and a change of use of this building to provide six self-contained apartments to serve as primary accommodation.  

“Previous applications have been made for the redevelopment of the site with this application reflecting and addressing the comments made therein.  

"The site is not a designated or undesignated heritage asset and although adjacent to the St Ives Conservation Area is not contained within it or other notable landscape designation for the purpose of this report.”