A new town trail is being launched in St Ives to mark the museum’s 100th anniversary.

Nev Meek, the president of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, will unveil the Centenary Town Trail at St Ives Museum on Wednesday, April 10 at 3pm.

Businesses will host the 16 stops along the trail, which will highlight a different event in the town’s history or an aspect of its heritage.

The event to celebrate the special milestone in the museum’s history is being held on the anniversary of the birth of bard, former Grand Bard, St Ives Museum and St Ives Old Cornwall Society co-founder, Robert Morton Nance, Mordon.

The museum was established after founder members of the St Ives Old Cornwall Society began collecting artefacts and objects from the town, which were in danger of disappearing, as traditional industries such as fishing, farming and mining began to change and die out. 

The first collection was housed originally in a cellar below a sail loft in Pudding Bag Lane, but the collection grew larger and eventually the museum was moved to its current location in Wheal Dream, overlooking Bamaluz beach.

Peter Garratt, the assistant curator of St Ives Museum said: “St Ives Museum has come a long way since it was founded back in 1924 but we shall continue to ‘gather the fragments that are left that nothing be lost.

“We know how proud the town is of its museum and we were delighted by the co-operation from several of our local businesses who agreed to host the 16 stops on the trail, each of which highlights a different event in the town’s history or an aspect of its heritage.” 

“We have some great stories to tell around the trail and visitors will be able to come and find out more at the museum.”

A new art exhibition ‘Capturing the Light’ covering the period 1885 to 1914 will be on display in the museum.

New or enhanced displays for 2024 include Troika Pottery and Crysede Silk Factory.