New Cornish dance classes are being launched in Redruth aimed at teaching people of all ages the joy of Cornish dance.

 Lowender is starting monthly dance sessions at Gwealan Tops called Treys Lowen, which in Cornish translates to ‘happy feet.’

The first dance session will get underway on Sunday, March 17 and people to all ages, abilities and family groups are welcome to attend.

Jowdy Davey, a Lowender Trustee, and Ellie Allen, who was a 2023 Gorsedh Bard, will be leading the dance sessions at Gwealan Tops with the aim of introducing a new generation to Cornish dance whilst learning about our Celtic connections.

Jowdy said: “We’re hoping the Treys Lowen sessions will engage people young and old with Cornwall’s traditional dance and folk music. Dance is an important connection to our cultural heritage and gets people moving and meeting new people.”

“There’s so much more to Cornwall’s dance traditions than just the Helston furry, and we can’t wait to get people involved. We’re excited for the intergenerational aspect of Treys Lowen, or Happy Feet, which will give parents the time to bond with their children whilst also giving people the opportunity to interact with different generations in a setting that is inclusive of everyone,” added Jowdy.

 Sessions are £2.50 per person and under 5’s go free. Classes can be booked in blocks to make sure the lessons have enough participants.

If the trial period proves popular the intergenerational Cornish dance classes will be made a more permanent fixture. 

People can book tickets for Treys Lowen sessions here:

Lowender advise people who are interested in learning more about them to head over to the website for more information: