FOLLOWING a remarkable 52 years membership of the Oddfellows Friendly Society, Redruth’s Peter English has been awarded the internationally recognised Unity Meritorious Service Jewel.

This accolade is one of very few such awards made in recent years with only eight people worldwide currently alive holding the prestigious decoration. 

Following a lengthy formal nomination process, the award was unanimously agreed at a recent meeting chaired by the Grand Master of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society, Sister Barbara Needham, and attended by the chief executive and secretary, Sis.

A close friend of Peter’s, Mervyn Eaton, a member of the Oddfellows from Burton was also recognised by the award of the Jewel following 36 years membership.  

Peter currently serves as Provincial corresponding secretary of the Plymouth and Truro District Oddfellows, is a fully qualified welfare officer, has served as Noble Grand (chairperson) of several Lodges, president of the Oddfellows Southern Group Conference, chair of the Unity Investigation Committee and a Special Arbitrator which are all positions of great responsibility.  

Speaking after the announcement, Peter said, “This is the highest award the society can make other than being made Grand Master and I am deeply honoured to having been nominated to receive it.

“I express my heartfelt thanks to the Grand Master, chief executive, board of directors, Grand Lodge, deputies, members, friends and most particularly to my wife Tina, also a member who has supported me throughout. I am particularly pleased that my friend Brother Merv has also been chosen to receive this award and give him my sincerest congratulations.”