A major search was launched for a possible person in the water in Newquay on Wednesday (April 10) following a call from London. 

Emergency services were scrambled after Falmouth Coastguard received a call from a person who had been watching the waves at Fistral Beach on a local café’s webcam and saw someone floating in the water.

Coastguard SAR Helicopter 924 along with both Newquay RNLI Lifeboats as well as the Newquay and Padstow Coastguard Search and Rescue Teams were alerted at about 8.45pm.

But after an extensive almost four and a half hour search of Fistral beach, Towan headland, Pentire Headland and surrounding areas the operation was suspended after nothing was found.

The call was deemed as a false alarm with good intent.

Many residents came out of their properties to see what was going on as the helicopter hovered overhead and flares were sent out by the lifeboats to illuminate the area.

Coastguard members conducting a land search at South Fistral (Picture Newquay Coastguard Search and Rescue Team) ( )

A spokesperson for Newquay Lifeboat Station said: “The informant had seen someone floating in the water and was concerned for their safety.

“The charity’s Atlantic 85, Uncle Johnny was launched immediately, and the helm was asked to assess the sea conditions to ascertain if it was safe for the D Class Lifeboat, Enid Mary assist in the search.  

“Although conditions were challenging, the Atlantic Crew felt it safe to ask for the D Class to be launched as it is better equipped to do shoreline searches.

“A thorough search began, and the lifeboat crew used several parachute flares to illuminate the area. 

“Colleagues from Newquay coastguard search & rescue team, HM Coastguard Padstow and Coastguard helicopter 924 were conducting searches on the shore and from the air.

“After almost four and a half hours of searching, all assets confirmed that the search area had been saturated and nothing of concern had been found.”

“Although the informant was able to send a screenshot from the webcam, the call was deemed as a false alarm with good intent.

“The RNLI and Coastguard would always encourage anyone to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard if they see anything remotely concerning at the coast.”

Coastguard members await their next instruction. (Picture: Newquay Coastguard Search and Rescue Team) ( )

Eyewitness Savannah Brown said: “I live on the headland and the emergency services have been out since before 10pm. Flares went up and then the Coastguard turned up.

“Around five or six Coastguard have been combing the beach with torches.

“Two lifeboats are in the water combing the coastline and the helicopter has been circling going over the coastline. They then went right out to sea still searching. 

“Two lifeboats and the helicopter went out towards the big ship that’s out there.

“It’s been very loud. I hope everything is ok. It is horrible when you see it all happening.”