A Cornwall councillor has hit out at the strategy in place to repair potholes across Cornwall.

Leigh Frost, the Cornwall Council member for Bodmin St Petroc, described the strategy of patching up potholes as 'throwing good money after bad'.

The comments came after Councillor Frost went to inspect some resurfacing work on Old Callywith Road in his ward, a road that sees frequent traffic to and from Callywith College.

Criticising the 'budget cuts' which meant that road surfaces were being patched rather than resurfaced when the latter was required, Cllr Frost said that despite the work, the road was still in a poor state.

He said: "Cormac has gone up to Old Callywith Road and patched some of the worst parts of it. It still isn’t great, though, with large parts left. I’ve called for this road to get proper resurfacing numerous times, and it is on the list; however, due to budget cuts from the administration, highways can barely keep up with maintenance, let alone other works!

"The Tories have bragged about the £5m that has been received by the government for potholes as a wonderful thing, yet here these patches won’t last because the surface isn’t good enough to hold them. This isn’t the first patch job, and no doubt it will need to be done again fairly soon.

"By not properly resurfacing this road and many others like it, they are literally throwing good money after bad! I dread to think how many insurance claims are filed for damages caused by these defects.

"I will continue to push Cornwall Council and Cormac to resurface Old Callywith Road and other roads that need it properly. However, at least for now, the worst has been patched."