Esports teams from Cornwall College’s St Austell and Camborne campuses achieved remarkable success in the recent British Esports Championships. 

The Krakens and the Serpents scored a hat-trick of victories in Valorant, Overwatch 2 and Rocket League opens.  

The Serpents, St Austell’s first esports team, emerged triumphant against South Gloucester College in multiple rounds of the Overwatch 2 tournament and displayed exceptional skills and strategies in the thrilling competition. 

Meanwhile, Camborne’s Krakens are gearing up for the nationals, aspiring to represent Cornwall on a larger stage after their 3-1 Rocket League victory over HSDC storm which was broadcast live by the British Esports Federation. 

Captain of the Rocket League team, Callum Wood, who’s on the Level 3 extended diploma in esports at Camborne, expressed his enthusiasm and reflected on the recent success. He said: “Being spoken about in a professional setting during the championships has made the team feel electric.  

“Our Valorant team staged a remarkable comeback from being 8-2 down to win 13-11 in a tightly-contested game. The Rocket League team is eagerly-looking ahead to next year as it prepares to enter the national competition, a higher tier of competitive gaming.” 

St Austell’s Serpents captain, Sabre Przybylska (callsign Shadow), who’s on the Level 3 game design diploma, led the Overwatch 2 team to victory.

“After our last match was lost we were very excited to play again and use the tactics we have practiced, having every team member providing communication when we needed to work together and when we were making plays on our own kept us ready for everything coming our way,” said Sabre. 

“It was very thrilling when we won our games at first – without celebrating too early, we had a motivational boost for the rest of the games. With this match win I’m excited for the rest of the league season with the team and I’m sure they are excited to play more and work together.”

For David Atkinson-Beaumont, head of Cornwall College St Austell, this is an exciting step towards a more inclusive and celebrated campus. 

“Having our own esports team is extremely important for the college, serving as a catalyst to unite diverse groups of learners with shared ambitions and goals,” he said. “It amplifies our commitment to nurturing dynamic and diverse communities that thrive on shared passion and achievement. 

“Esports requires fine motor skills, communication and strategy, becoming more popular and competitive in recent years, with the sport being taken more seriously. I’ve previously worked with the British Esports Federation in establishing the national college league and it’s brilliant to see my campus taking part.” 

The success of both teams highlights the commitment of The Cornwall College Group (TCCG)  in nurturing diverse talents and providing students with opportunities beyond traditional academic pursuits.