A Newquay Rowing Club gig has been welcomed back into service following a major refit.

A crowd gathered to attend a rededication service for the Good Intent at Newquay Harbour.

Norman and Dot Anstis, who owned the Sailors Arms, agreed to purchase the Good Intent for Newquay Rowing Club in 1974 after a ladies team had started rowing and it was suggested a new gig was needed for them.

The gig was built by Tom Chudleigh of St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly and delivered to the rowing club in 1975. The ladies went on to win the championships that year.  

Members of the Anstis family were invited to attend the rededication ceremony and the former crew who rowed for Sailors took the gig out for a row.

Former rowers enjoy taking out the Good Intent following its refit (Picture: Lawrey Anstis) ( )

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Rowing Club secretary Phil Trebilcock said: “It was excellent afternoon with refreshments and singing in the clubhouse afterwards.

“We would like to say a big thank you to the rowers, young and old who did all the work on her during last winter. Greatly appreciated.”

The Good Intent is named as a former fish cellar in Newquay as are all the Newquay Rowing Club gigs.

Phil added: “We have novice nights if anyone would like to have a go at rowing.”