The Mayor of Camborne has signed an historic agreement in a remote ceremony which will forge links with a region of South Australia.

Cllr Zoe Fox signed the Sister Town Agreement over an online call with the Mayor of Copper Coast Council Roslyn Talbot.

It followed months of planning led by Camborne’s Cllr Chris Lawrence and aims to cement the friendly and cooperative relationship between Camborne Town Council and the Copper Coast Council.

The Copper Coast, on the Yorke Peninsular, is an hour and a half from Adelaide, and a popular tourist destination with several beaches.

The region also has limestone, granite, dolomite, gypsum, copper and sand mining and a thriving fishing industry.

Both councils said the agreement means each town will undertake promotion and understanding of each other’s heritage, culture and values.

Additionally the towns agree to promote and facilitate the knowledge and cooperation of their young people, businesses and community organisations.

Cllr Lawrence said: “It has been a long term aim of mine to establish links between the Copper Coast and Camborne, particularly the town of Moonta (known as Little Cornwall).

“When I visited the Copper Coast, it was clear to see we have so much history and cultural similarities - our relationship going forward is important to preserve and celebrate the Cornish heritage we all share.”

Future tourism, commerce and even sporting opportunities are also listed as objectives on the agreement. Mayor Zoe Fox said: “Thanks to Councillor Lawrence’s extensive groundwork, I am delighted we have forged this link between the towns which I hope will be fruitful and lasting.”