By Richard Powers, Newquay Boxing Academy coach

The Newquay Boxing Academy is thrilled to announce that Jessica Hartley, the sole Cornish female contender, will be proudly representing the county in the England Boxing National Junior under 57kg Championships on Sunday, March 24 in Loughborough.

Jessica's unwavering dedication and remarkable progress have been a source of inspiration for both her team and coaching staff at the academy. Her journey to this prestigious championship is a testament to her hard work and commitment to the sport of boxing.

Brad Pauls, a celebrated figure in the boxing community, has set a high standard of excellence and sportsmanship in his career. 

As Jessica Hartley prepares to showcase her skills in the upcoming championship, the academy hopes that the community will rally behind her as they did with Brad, offering their unwavering support and encouragement.

With the same determination and passion that Brad exemplified in his journey to becoming a champion, Jessica is poised to make her mark in the boxing world. Let's unite in backing Jessica Hartley as she continues to uphold the legacy of Brad Pauls and represents Cornish boxing with pride and skill.

As Jessica steps into the ring to compete against top talent from across the country, the Newquay Boxing Academy extends its full support and encouragement. Let's come together to cheer for Jessica Hartley and wish her the best of luck in the upcoming championship!

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