THERE was success for two of St Columb’s boxers when they headed to Falmouth and Penryn ABC on Saturday, April 13.

Max ‘Bomber’ Browning took on Omar Hassan from Body Snatchers ABC in Bournemouth.

The taller Omar had a lot of reach on Max, and made it hard work for Max to land his shots, but Max slipped the jab well and landed his own counter punches to finish the first round just on top. 

The second round saw Omar’s jab start to land with more success and was stopping Max doing what he had been scoring with in the first round, and the second stanza ended with Omar punching the air at the bell. 

Going into the third the Bournemouth boxer started pumping the quick jab out again, but Max started moving his head more and throwing great combinations on the inside.

It seemed that Omar was getting frustrated with his lack of success and lowered his guard for a second, Max scored a clean straight right hand, the Cornishman grew in confidence and went on to win.

Reflecting on the performance, head coach Paul Doust said: “Max did well to keep the first round even with a good jab coming at him, and finally overcame the obstacle to turn the result in his favour.”

There was more success for the club as 13-year-old Riley Murphy, who was having his second time in the ring with a skills bout against Reece Pedrick of St Austell Boxing Club, put in an excellent performance.

Reflecting on Riley’s efforts, Paul added: “As there is no winner in these types of bouts you have to use them to for experience, but after just two of these bouts and showing a good display, Riley doesn't need another skills contest and will be moving into competitive bouts from now on.”