By Nicholas Truscott

AT ITS recent meeting, the Cornwall County Short Mat Bowls Association management committee took a decision to extend the entry date for the four area winter leagues in a bid to boost the number of teams entering.

Any club that is considering entering the league but may have any queries can contact the management committee either through the website or various social media channels.

In other news, a new high-level short mat bowling tournament has been announced in the past week under the umbrella of Short Mat Super Rinks.

In a statement posted to social media it was stated that the Bowls Trader Primal Series Draft represents a significant addition to the short mat bowls scene in England. 

As a new high-level tournament, it is poised to become a highlight for the England short mat team and the broader community. With the introduction of this high-level tournament, the stage is set for an intense and thrilling showcase of skill from the country's top players.

The innovative structure of the competition, with its four teams of four rinks each, introduces a fresh and strategic element to the game. The round0robin format, which allows teams to compete twice in the season, ensures a fair and comprehensive contest, giving each team a substantial chance to demonstrate their skills and strategy.

The inclusion of players from outside the England squad alongside the England squad adds an exciting dimension to the team selection process, which will be conducted by the four esteemed captains through a draft system. This tournament not only offers a chance to claim the title of the best in England outside of the International Series, but also provides a platform for camaraderie and high-spirited competition.

Further information can be found on Facebook at