A new study has revealed that Truro is one of the least affordable cities in the UK in which to own a home. 

The study, from data collection experts SmartSurvey, assessed the disposable incomes of two average-earning homeowners living and working in every UK city after paying household bills and mortgages. 

In the South West, Truro was judged to be the least affordable city, with median house prices of £345,000 and average monthly earnings of £1,963. 

After mortgages and basic bills, a household with two average incomes would have less than £1,400 for the rest of the month. 

SmartSurvey estimated that a single earner in Truro would not be able to comfortably own a home.

In national rankings, Truro came in as the third least affordable city to be a homeowner in the UK, beaten only by St Davids and Chichester. 

On average in the UK, the median price for a city home is £260,000, with city residents generally earning £2,154 a month. 

Gas, electricity, water and council tax bills amount to an average £348 every month, while mortgage rates are estimated at £1,520, meaning that the average two-earner household would have £2,440 in disposable income for the month.  

The five least affordable UK cities, including Truro, are all cathedral cities, with higher property prices and bills, and lower incomes. 

Mo Naser, CEO of SmartSurvey, commented: “If you really have your heart set on living in a quaint cathedral city, you would most likely need to earn your paychecks elsewhere and commute for a quarter of a century to pay off your mortgage.

"Otherwise, you are looking at 25 years with hardly any disposable income left.”