A woodland in Liskeard has re-opened to the public following conservation thinning. 

The last round of conservation thinning has been completed at High Wood – it was said that the thinning has taken longer due to the UK having one of the wettest autumns on record. 

Its been reported that there are a few more logs to be removed but the team from Protect Earth, who manage the woodland, will be focusing on improving walkability of the trails, improving drainage, and making the place more welcoming to people and wildlife. 

Additionally, there is more minor forestry work to be completed such as removing another area of small conifers to make way for native trees but no further large forestry operations are going to be considered for the next five years – allowing the woodland to develop and recover. 

Following this, the woodland is now open for public use and Protest Earth and encouraging locals and visitors to enjoy the woods throughout the winter months. 

There is a new information board which has information about what the team at Protect Earth are up to including new benches which are due to be installed and potential planning for a community orchard.