Hundreds of people staged a peaceful protest on Saturday calling on authorities to support the permanent protection of the coastline at Whipsiderry Beach.

More than 200 people attended the Save Whipsy Cliffs event to appeal to Marine Management Organisation, Cornwall Council and the Duchy of Cornwall to stop work restarting to concrete the cliff.

They lined the stretch of coastline to show the authorities their love for the area.

Campaigners line the stretch of coastline (Warren Wilkins)

The campaigners also shouted a ‘thank you’ to the Duchy of Cornwall for suspending a licence it granted the developer LQP Porth Limited to carry out work on the beach over safety concerns.

Two protestors wearing Prince William and Kate masks made an appearance to declare they are “Here to protect Cornwall.”

Campaigners wearing Prince William and Kate masks address the crowd (Warren Wilkins)

The cliff stabilisation works are needed before a developer can construct seven luxury villas to be built on the clifftop above at the former Paradise Cove Hotel.

The Duchy decided to suspend the licence so that discussions between the developer and relevant statutory bodies are carried out to ensure the work can take place in a safe manner following security employed by the developer allegedly forcibly removing protestors from the area.

The Health and Safety Executive advised that the fenced off safety exclusion zone around the work should be extended. 

The cliff stabilisation could restart as early as September 1 when the bird nesting season ends if the Duchy grants the developer a license to work on the foreshore. The developer will also require a new Marine Management Organisation license.

Campaigners get their message across (Warren Wilkins)

Organisers of the Save Whipsy Cliffs protest decided not to go down onto the beach to highlight their campaign following a massive rockfall on Friday night where workers had been undertaking the cliff stabilisation works and campaigners protesting only weeks earlier.

Andrew Robey from The Save Whipsiderry Cliffs Public Group said: “Although the Duchy have suspended the license which will see the concerting of the cliffs at Whipsiderry, this suspension is temporary and work can be started again when the Duchy reinstates the license. 

“The group will continue to contest the decision of the MMO to grant a license for works on the cliffs. 

“The group is also considering legal representation to challenge the processes which have lead to the development being allowed.

“The developer’s current marine licence is valid until 31st March 2026, but as per the condition of the licence, all licensed activities must only be undertaken between 1st September and 31st March inclusive to protect nesting Fulmar. Works cannot start now until at least September 1, and only during September once a qualified ecologist confirms that the area of works is clear of nesting Fulmar to undertake work on the cliffs. “The developer does require a new Marine Management Organisation license.

“As per the condition of the planning permission, the cliff stabilisation work must be completed prior to the commencement of development.

“The group are appealing to the Duchy to permanently withdraw their licence and to act on their objectives to support sustainability, the environment, and the community.”

Just Say No MMO (Warren Wilkins)