A Cornwall hedgehog charity is counting the cost after vandals targeted the St Mawgan site where they are building a new hogspital. 

Thieves stole brass taps from the Prickles & Paws construction area at the Carnanton Estate, which flooded the site causing damage that has not yet been financially calculated. 

It is estimated 600 cubic metres of water were lost during the incident, which happened sometime between December 18 and 21. 

Diane and Katy South, the co-founders of Prickles and Paws co-founders, said: “We are saddened to report that the water supply at our new site has been vandalised and a huge amount of water lost, flooding the site. 

“We are devastated at such a mindless act which will set the progress of the hogspital build back.  

“We are now working hard to secure funds to fully fence the site and install CCTV, as such we have launched a crowdfunder which Aviva Community Fund are match funding.  

“We understand this is upsetting news but hope that people will support us in moving forwards.” 

The Crowdfunder has so far raised £7,900 towards the £10,000 target. 

Diane and Katy said: “The new premises will enable us to expand our existing capacity for admissions, as well as education and volunteering opportunities.  

"This next phase will see our drainage works being installed along with our phased installation of our actual hogspital.”  

Our team of hedgehog carers and volunteer drivers are amazing in supporting us 365 days a year, and it’s all currently run from a back garden.

"Our hogspital will mean we can assist in the future of our Hedgehogs and wildlife conservation.” 

Anyone with any information on the theft and vandlaim can contact Prickles & paws or the police by telephoning 101 and quoting crime reference number 50230 334921. 

To make a donation to the Crowdfunder visit avivacommunityfund.co.uk/p/making-ground-on-our-new-hogspital