Meet Frankie the therapy dog who is a regular visitor at Bodmin Hospital.

The eight-year-old dog makes weekly visits to the hospital with owner Louise Hopes.

Frankie is more than happy to be stroked and he’ll even raise his paw in welcome.

Louise, from Rilla Mill, volunteers with Therapy Dogs Nationwide and Frankie wears the charity’s distinctive yellow neck scarf. 

“I used to have agility dogs, but Frankie is very calm and patient and needed something different to do,” said Louise. “Every therapy dog is assessed for temperamental suitability and he passed with flying colours. Frankie loves meeting people and seeing the impact he has is so rewarding.”

Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a national charity that has 1,500 registered volunteers. Officially recognised by the Kennel Club, the aim is for the dogs to provide comfort, distraction and stimulation.

As well as regular visits to Bodmin Hospital, Frankie also goes along to the Cedar Grange care home in Launceston.

Roxana Suhani, one of two activity co-ordinators at the home which is run by Sanctuary Care, said: “Frankie helps residents communicate their own memories and encourages interaction. 

“His presence regularly sparks joy and reminiscence and that’s wonderful to watch.”

Manager Andrea Bacon said: “Louise and her dog Frankie are very welcome weekly visitors and I’m very grateful to them for the time they spend here. It makes a big difference.”

Resident Glynis said: “I used to have Alsatians. Frankie is a very soft dog and I really like seeing him.”