Art and photography students from St Austell have once again showcased their incredible creativity and artistic skills, by painting the Asda underpass. 

The group of aspiring creatives from Cornwall College St Austell, part of The Cornwall College Group (TCCG), took part in the project, to revitalise the area and give back to the local community. 

With the support and sponsorship from Cormac and Cornwall Council, who prepared the underpass and provided the necessary materials, the students were able to bring their vision to life. 

James Baggaley, study programme manager for art and photography at the St Austell campus, explained the inspiration behind the artwork: “Earlier this term, the students had the opportunity to visit the wonderful Tate St Ives, where they immersed themselves in various artistic expressions, including examples of Cornish abstract paintings and sculptures,” he stated.

Anneka Wass, curriculum area manager of the Creative and Digital Academy, expressed how significant this project is for the town: “Throughout the project, our students were met with an overwhelming response from passers-by who gave thanks, and showed their appreciation and admiration for the revitalisation of the underpass. 

“It was great to see so many locals give positive feedback,” added Anneka. 

Drawing inspiration from the breath-taking Cornish landscape, and the works of renowned abstract artists, Terry Frost and Patrick Heron, the TCCG students have brought a colourful new look, that has revitalised a well-used area of the town.