THE South West is set to benefit from seven new music hubs providing high-quality music education for children and young people.  

On behalf of the Department for Education, Arts Council England has announced a new generation of ‘Music Hubs’. These hubs will form a national programme providing high-quality music education for all children and young people. 

The new hubs aim to assist the government’s ‘National Plan for Music Education’, which hopes to give all children and young people the opportunity to develop their musical talents fully.

Hub Lead Organisations in the South West will receive over £12.5-million from the Department for Education. This includes £9.4-million in regular funding for the Music Hubs programme and £3.1-million to invest in instruments, equipment, and technology.

Darren Henley, chief executive at Arts Council England, said: "Music education is enormously powerful – it can enrich young people's lives, help them connect with the people around them, and start them on the pathway to fruitful and fulfilling careers.

“We are excited to announce this investment in a new generation of Music Hubs, which will support the brilliant work of our dedicated music teachers across the country, and help bring high-quality music education to even more children and young people in every part of England.”