A section of the old sea wall that leads down to Towan Beach has been damaged during the recent storms.

A number of blocks have become dislodged by the powerful swells that have been battering the coastline.

Wes Roux, who leases Towan Beach, said: “The damage is about 12 foot wide. It is directly below the road so it is quite serious.

“You can see the concrete filled bags used to fill hole in the road following the damage that occurred in 2014.

“It is part of the old sea wall not the new one. It’s probably just degraded over time and now made worse by the waves and tides. 

“Unfortunately, the storms are getting more powerful in their nature as time goes on it’s something we’re going to have to get used to.”

Cormac is due to undertake the repairs on behalf of Cornwall Council.

A spokesperson said: “Cormac is aware of the damage, and it will be repaired in due course.”

Previously about £950,000 was spent on patching up the promenade at Towan Beach following the storm damage in 2014.

The area had been cut off after the walkway was badly damaged caused by a series of giant storms.