SALTASH is set to become a bank-free zone as the town’s last operating branch prepares to close its doors.  

Lloyd’s Banking Group has announced that as of July 17, the town’s Lloyds bank will no longer be open (not April 10, as previously thought).

This is just one of many traditional banks to leave Cornish highstreets, with many towns across the county losing some, if not all of their branches in the last few years.  

Lloyds carried out a Branch Review ahead of the closure decision. The report states that only 176 customers used the branch regularly in the 12 months leading to March 2023.  

The review also found that in the last five years, personal customer usage had fallen 59 per cent, while business use had fallen 66 per cent.  

A spokesperson from Lloyds said: “As many customers now choose to bank online or through their mobile app, visits to our Saltash branch have fallen over recent years. Customers can continue to bank with us online, over the phone, in person at Royal Parade, Plymouth branch, at the local Post Office on Fore Street, or at the Banking Hub once it is up and running.” 

However, while the town may be without a traditional bank, there do appear to be plans to introduce a banking hub to the area.  

From these hubs, residents can carry out their everyday banking needs, such as: paying cash in or take money out, paying in cheques, and paying bills. Plus, one day a week a ‘Community Banker’ should be available.  

Despite stating that the site is ‘coming soon’, no date has been set at this time.