Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is offering support for teenager receiving their exam results.

A-level results come out tomorrow, while younger pupils will receive their GCSEs next Thursday.

To help deal with the stress and stop exam result pressure, teenagers will be able to access support through Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s online service Togetherall.

The service is free for anyone in Cornwall aged 16 and over. The safe, secure community provides a place for people to share their concerns with others in a similar position

“It is normal for young people to feel concerned about exam results,” said consultant psychiatrist Dr Jeremy Sandbrook. “Particularly if they feel under pressure, real or perceived, from their school or family. 

“As results day nears, some young people will have problems sleeping or eating or experience physical symptoms. As well as headaches or dizziness caused by their anxiety. 

“Through Togetherall, people can get help to manage some of this stress. The service is supported 24-hours a day, seven days a week by trained therapists. It also includes useful self-help courses.” 

Cornwall Council also offers support through the HeadStart Kernow’s Start Now website, which is designed by young people for young people.

Headstart co-ordinator Ness Little said: “Waiting for exam results feels really worrying, and that’s okay. It’s natural to feel stressed and worried. Others will understand this. Try to remember that whilst important, exam results will not determine the rest of your life. There are other options if things don’t go as planned. We know it can be a difficult time so as well as accessing online help and support there are some other things you can do. 

“It can help to talk about any worries you have with an adult you trust. Also, spend time with friends and family and enjoy as many fun and relaxing activities as possible, remembering as well, the importance of a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet. 

Ness added: “We also recommend planning the day and taking someone with you when you go to collect your results. 

Ava Jennings is currently awaiting the results of her A-levels. “I’m trying not to worry too much about my exam results. I already have an apprenticeship lined up and want to enjoy the summer. 

“Some of my friends are feeling stressed and not sleeping. They are worrying they will not get into their first-choice university. Some feel really pressurised by their families to get top results. I think it’s great that there are services to help young people.”