Users of Truro’s Beryl Bikes have been asked to treat them with respect after two were found discarded in the city’s waterways, including The Leats near Victoria Gardens.  

Combining pedal power with electric batteries, the bikes have been introduced in numerous Cornish towns, including Newquay and St Austell, in a bid to encourage environmentally friendly transport.

Users download an app and collect a bike from a designated green bay, paying a fee based on the amount of time they use the bike. Upon its return, the bike must be placed in a green bay or incur a £25 fine.

A spokesperson for Beryl confirmed that its on street-teams had been alerted to the and would attempt to retrieve the bike safely before taking it back to the workshop for assessment. Following necessary repairs and a rigorous safety check, the e-bike will be returned to the street if fit for service.

“It’s always disappointing to see the results of vandalism or anti-social behaviour,” said the spokesperson. “We would appeal to anyone misusing the e-bikes to respect them and ensure they are available for other people to use.

“We will work with Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate any incidents of theft or criminal damage, and retain the option to suspend and ban/remove accounts for improper use of the scheme.

Incidents of vandalism or antisocial behaviour involving our e-bikes can be reported to Beryl’s Customer Support team through the Beryl app, on 020 3003 5044 daily between 7am and 9pm, and by email at [email protected]. For emergencies, please contact 999.