People got to see a rare sight as the Northern Lights were visible in Cornwall on Sunday.

Lewis Greenwood, who captured these images from the Towan Headland in Newquay, was among those who saw the spectacular show.

Lewis said: “It started off as a glow on the horizon, nothing special.

“But before long you could see those big pillars of white light reaching all the way into the sky, which turned into the whole horizon lighting up red.

“The colours and structure were visible easily by eye, not just the camera.

“It was amazing to watch this phenomenon so far down in Cornwall.”

The Northern Lights (Lewis Greenaway)

According to the Met Office, the illuminations are most common during the equinox in March and September, when the Earth is not tilted towards or away from the sun.

The British Geological Survey, which accesses geomagnetic activity, there will be active levels with a chance to see the phenomenon this Friday.