St Michael’s Mount at Marazion is set to light up red on Thursday to raise awareness of the lifesaving work of Cornwall Air Ambulance. 

The iconic landmark will be illuminated red between 7pm and 11pm to shine a light on the lifesaving work. 

The event is being held as part of Air Ambulance Week 2023 which run until September 10 and which is dedicated to raising awareness of air ambulance charities across the country and this year is delivering the vital message that ‘we can’t save lives without you’. 

The campaign highlights how air ambulance charities need support to continue to deliver advanced pre-hospital care to people with a sudden life-threatening injury or illness, helping to save lives and improve patient outcomes. 

The charity’s team of specialist paramedics in critical care bring the skills and expertise of a hospital to the scene of an emergency, performing complex procedures using advanced equipment and drugs that improve survival rates. 

Each year, the aircrew are tasked to over 1,000 missions, but these would not be possible without the support of local people, communities and businesses.  

Thanks to the generosity of the public, the crew can continue to save the lives of people like Colin Prentice, who was enjoying a day at the beach in St Ives with his family over the August bank holiday weekend when he collapsed due to an undiagnosed brain condition. 

The specialist paramedics of Cornwall Air Ambulance managed to stabilise Colin, opening his airways and monitoring his vital signs.  

There were fears he may have suffered a head injury or a neuro problem and that he might not survive.  

He was airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital where he underwent surgery. He has slowly made a strong recovery. 

Colin’s wife, Helen, said: “If it hadn’t of been for the air ambulance, the speed they got on the scene, that he was able to get to the hospital and stabilised, the work they did on the beach, he wouldn’t be here now.  He was so seriously ill, and he wouldn’t have survived without them. He’s my miracle man, he wasn’t supposed to be here.” 

Tim Bunting, the chief executive at Cornwall Air Ambulance, said: “We are proud to be part of Air Ambulance Week, as we join with other charities across the country to highlight the specialist skills that we bring to the scene and to the patient. And we are delighted that the team at St Michael’s Mount are supporting the campaign by kindly lighting up the mount, in recognition of the lifesaving work carried out by the crew of paramedics, doctors and pilots. As your charity, for the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.