A CORNISH dance company celebrating its 24th anniversary this week is bringing together dancers from across the county for a show celebrating more than 20 year’s worth of achievements.  

The Big Dance Company, based in Penzance, created and run by Fiona Richardson, has created hundreds of talented dancers from the South West who have gone onto have successful careers.  

The performance, taking place at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro, will see more than 130 Cornish dancers come together on stage on February 11, creating an energetic fusion of technically advanced younger dancers – who currently train and compete regularly with the company – with a collection of alumni students who have returned for one night only to add a bit of extra magic and sparkle to the show’s incredible story. 

Fiona, who created the docu-dance piece to tell her own personal journey through movement, has an absolutely incredible story to share detailing how she overcame extreme challenges including homelessness and domestic abuse.

Among those who will be returning for the special performance. Polly Maclennan from Launceston, one of Big Dance Company’s alumni, is excited to be returning to the stage for the first time in ten years for such a big occasion.  

She said: “After ten years being off the stage it is so magical to be invited back to be part of this special show with BDC – I am a teeny sliver of a huge machine but even my few little minutes of stage feel like an epic journey back in time.  

“Fiona is a one off, someone who loves, cherishes and commits her whole life to her dancers. It’s so rare to see and I am utterly blessed to be involved in this moment with her and the team.” 

Another local name joining the performance is Jack Walker from Callington.

Discussing the event, he said: “Returning to Penzance and working with my cast was such a rewarding experience. Fiona and the team have instilled talent, discipline, kindness and above all passion into each and every student within the school.  

“Their hunger to learn and desire to better themselves has stemmed from the top and Fiona has done such a beautiful job at creating thoughtful, respectful and versatile dancers, who as people are always looking out for each other. An incredible studio!” 

More information about the event can be found on the Hall for Cornwall website: www.hallforcornwall.co.uk