SWLNbox - by Ed Cullinane

Locals are demanding Royal Mail move a postbox - because it is on a 'dangerous' slope.

Residents of Lynher Drive in Saltash, Cornwall, say the location is hazardous during rainy and icy weather.

An 86-year-old man recently slipped over while posting a letter - and on a local Facebook group people demand the box should be relocated.

One person wrote: "I have to say the position of this postbox makes me anxious. I find the slope a bit of a challenge so I will always use the one by the shop! 

"To some it doesn’t seem a big deal but when you have a disability which effects mobility & balance it’s not great.”

Another resident wrote: “Totally agree, hate walking up that slope when it's wet, have to be so careful and when it's icy it's the walk of potential broken bones [sic].”

A third added: “Totally agree!” While a fourth said: “I agree Di it is very slippery when muddy. Moving it would be simple.”

Another said: ''This postbox is on a dangerous slope. It should be moved.''

Royal Mail has been contacted for comment.