A Newquay woman has embarked on a mission to make a difference to the local environment while supporting a disaster relief charity.   

Jenn Sandiford, 38, from Treloggan, is litter picking her way around the town in the company of her dog Groot to raise funds every day throughout Lent for ShelterBox’s Tent for Lent Appeal.  

The charity provides emergency shelter and essential aid items for people uprooted from their homes by conflict and disaster.  

The charity’s Tent for Lent Appeal aims to raise awareness and funds.  

ShelterBox is encouraging supporters to join in fundraising during Lent or give something up, donating the money they save.  

Jenn said: “I’m really proud to work for ShelterBox, but I wanted to do more. I am taking on the challenge of completing 40 litter picks over Lent.  

“For me, this highlights a massive issue, that our impact on the environment has its consequences and those consequences are felt more by people in poorer countries, those people who are feeling the increased effect of climate instability and have no means to protect themselves from extreme weather.”  

Jenn’s work at ShelterBox involves supporting volunteers and in her spare time she loves to be outdoors and spend time with her loved ones.   

Jenn, who likes to walk, spend time in the sea and sing with community choirs, said: “I want to lead by example and clean up my local environment, raise awareness of the damage we’re making and support ShelterBox with some fundraising so we can continue our work.”  

ShelterBox has 12 active responses across the world and has confirmed a response in Gaza. The charity is working alongside Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).  

 Louisa Arnold, the community fundraising officer at ShelterBox, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the support of people like Jenn who, through their creative fundraising, raise awareness of our work around the world.   

“Litter picking every day for ShelterBox is such a tangible way to make a difference locally but also help us have an impact all around the world for people left without shelter after disaster.  

“The Tent for Lent Appeal is an opportunity for the community to come together and make a real difference in the lives of those facing the harshest conditions and we’ve had almost 50 people and community groups sign up already.  

“People are raising money in lots of different ways like giving up their beds or saving money to donate by giving up their favourite snack. 

Anyone keen to follow Jenn’s progress or make a donation can visit her fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/page/jenn-sandiford-1707856717207. 

To get involved in Tent for Lent, visit shelterbox.org/tentforlent