AN annual celebration of pioneering inventor William Murdoch returns on Saturday, June 15, when Redruth hosts Murdoch Day.   

The festival is widely regarding as the biggest day on the town’s calendar and each year sees the community come together to pay homage to one of Redruth’s most influential figures. 

The day provides an opportunity to learn Redruth’s treasured history and heritage while exploring the legacy of Murdoch and the importance of the work he carried out.

Born in 1754 in Scotland, William made the long journey to Redruth, having worked in Birmingham, in 1779 to start a new job as a senior engine erector for engineering firm Boulton & Watt. He was responsible for the erection and maintenance of the engines that helped pump out water at tin mines across the county, enhancing the efficiency and profitability of the mines. 

Murdoch, who lived in Redruth for 19 years, made multiple contributions to the development of the steam engine in much the same way Camborne’s Richard Trevethick did at around the same time. He is also credited for making Britain’s first working model of a steam carriage.  

Murdoch’s best-known contribution was his discovery of gas lighting at his Redruth home. He was the first person in the world to light his house, located in Cross Street, and office with coal gas in 1792. His contribution helped to lay the foundations of today’s gas industry. 

The festivities for Murdoch Day begin from 10am with a variety of events and entertainment on offer for visitors to enjoy. Live music, traditional fairground, workshops, exhibitions and a street market are just some of the features happening throughout the day. There will also be the parade where the true spirit of the community will shine through.

The timeline for the day is set to be confirmed. For updates on the schedule, visit: