A counter protest was held in solidarity with refugees and women outside a Newquay hotel on Easter Sunday, which was housing asylum seekers.

All Under One Banner Cornwall held a counter protest at the Beresford Hotel after a protest was planned by woman who claimed the asylum seekers were a threat to their safety.

But none of the protestors showed up after the asylum seekers moved out on Thursday to be accommodated in the South East of England though All Under One Banner decided to go ahead with their counter protest.

They waved placards including Anti-Racist, Cornwall is Anti Rapist as well as Women of Cornwall Welcome Refugees.

A protest had been planned following allegations asylum seekers had been following women around Newquay.

All Under One Banner Cornwall argued women’s safety was more at risk going out in Newquay for a night out than by the presence of the asylum seekers.

Counter protestors waved various placards (Warren Wilkins)

A number of police officers attended the event to ensure it was held in a safe manner following violence breaking out at a previous protest and counter protest outside the Beresford Hotel.