ALL six of Cornwall’s new MPs have taken their oath of allegiance to the Crown in the House of Commons in both Cornish and English.

Before taking their seat in parliament members of the House of Commons must take an oath of allegiance to the Crown, which is called ‘swearing in’. Members can either swear in using a religious text or take a non-religious, solemn affirmation.

In 1997, Andrew George became the first MP to use the Cornish language in the Commons as part of his maiden speech.

Mr George instigated the introduction of the Cornish Oath in Parliament in 2005 after the successful campaign for the official recognition of the language.

He said: “This is not merely a symbolic gesture for us. Cornwall deserves special recognition and to be treated distinctively. I’ve never regarded Cornwall as an English County; and that’s of course not to imply any enmity of aversion, simply a recognition of Cornwall’s historic, constitutional and cultural distinctiveness. 

“That’s why we also fought the successful campaign when I was last in parliament for Cornwall to be recognised as a “national minority”. However, it’s important not to misunderstand the purpose – to incorrectly view this as a bid for Cornwall to pull up draw-bridges or to become narrow or insular. Quite the opposite. It’s not about cutting ourselves off. It’s about cutting ourselves into the celebration of diversity in the UK and across Europe. In that regard, Cornwall has contributed much and has much more to contribute.

“Ben and I will work hard to ensure Cornwall’s – and of course the Isles of Scilly’s - voice is heard. And I’m sure our new Labour MP colleagues feel much the same.”

The swearing-in reads: "I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Charles, his heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God."

In Cornish, this translates to: "My a de re Dhuw ollgallosek dell vedhav len ha perthi Omrians gwir dhe Y Vraster an Myghtern Charles, Y Heryon ha Sewyoryon, herwydh an Lagha. Duw re'm gweresso."

Below are clips of each of Cornwall’s new MPs as they take the oath - many of whom chose to read in Cornish as well as English.

Andrew George, Liberal Democrat — St Ives

Ben Maguire, Liberal Democrat — North Cornwall

Anna Gelderd, Labour — South East Cornwall

Noah Law, Labour — St Autell & Newquay

Perran Moon, Labour — Camborne & Redruth

Jayne Kirkham, Labour — Truro & Falmouth