Cornwall Air Ambulance will benefit from the release of a unique musical compilation.  

Titled ‘Voices of Cornwall volume III – en-sol’ which translates to ‘Arise!’ in Cornish, the album is a celebration of Cornwall’s vibrant music scene, featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary musicians and artists with Cornish ties. These tracks have universal appeal.

Curated by executive producer, Rich Stever from New York and now, Newlyn, the album embodies what he describes as the current “Cornish cultural revolution” in music, language, photography, cuisine, and art.

This third instalment in the ‘Voices of Cornwall’ series aims not only to showcase the region’s musical talent but also to provide substantial support to Cornwall Air Ambulance. The charity relies on donations and fundraising efforts to continue its mission of saving lives as it has no direct government funding and more than £7 million is needed annually to operate.

The album spans a diverse range of genres across nineteen tracks, each contributing to a compelling auditory journey through Cornwall’s contemporary musical landscape. From folk, americana, post-punk to rock and beyond, ‘en-sol’ promises to be a testament to the creativity and community spirit that thrives within the county. 

Artists with international recognition, including Gwenno, Martha Tilston and Daisy Rickman have donated tracks along with outstanding Glastonbury favourites, 3 Daft Monkeys. Musicians, like True Foxes and Our Atlantic Roots have decided to be independent of any record labels and are attracting increasing audiences nationwide.

Others on the album, like Baily Tomkinson, James Dixon, Boundless Brothers, Richard Trethewey and more, are on the “brink of discovery.” Boilerhouse and Kana cover the fine a cappella vocal tradition of Cornwall.

Cornwall is recognised the world over as a land of song. From chapel hymns and male voice choirs to balladeers and brass bands, singing and playing music is strongly rooted in the Cornish psyche. This tradition of creative energy, stretching back into the mists of time, continues today, embracing every genre.

Drawing their inspiration from a deep sense of place, the artists featured on Voices of Cornwall III provide a rich, original and eclectic taste of all that’s happening in the world of Cornish acoustic and electric rock, folk, punk, funk, soul, indie, dance, pop, blues and more. Go on, do your ears a favour!

In a time when community support is more important than ever, ‘Voices of Cornwall volume III’ stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when art and altruism come together.

For those looking to support Cornwall Air Ambulance and enjoy the talents of Cornish musicians, the album can be purchased through or at Cornwall Air Ambulance charity shop locations. The album will also be available digitally on all major platforms on July 20.