A pioneering mineral development company has announced plans for a new Lithium exploration project at Tolgus.

Cornish Lithium has identified the area as a highly prospective area to explore for lithium in geothermal waters based on the company’s extensive digital modelling of Cornwall’s geology. 

The next phase of the process is to apply for a temporary six-month General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) from Cornwall Council having completed the required site surveys.

Cornish Lithium will also look to obtain the necessary permits from the Environment Agency, for the relevant permissions to drill an initial research borehole of around 10cm (c.4 inches) in diameter to a depth of 2,000m (6,561 feet) at the site and test the lithium potential of the geothermal waters that flow through its underlying permeable geological structures.

The company is inviting local people to attend a presentation and Q&A session as part of its ongoing commitment to proactive community engagement, which will be held at Redruth Community Centre, 9a Chapel St, Redruth on Thursday, February 22 from 5pm to 7pm.

This will be followed by an informal drop-in information session at Tricky’s @ The Tolgus Inn, Tolgus Mount, Redruth TR15 3TA on Wednesday, March 13 between 3pm and 5pm. 

These events will provide those who live and work in the area with an opportunity to find out more about this proposed exploration project and raise any questions with members of staff.

 If the relevant permissions are granted, a six-month drilling programme would commence this spring, using the same drill rig as previously used at other Cornish Lithium exploration sites in Cornwall, such as Blackwater and Twelveheads. 

This drill rig would be approximately 12m in height and acoustic screening would be installed to minimise noise and visual impacts, which has already proved successful.

Mike Round, Head of Geothermal Lithium at Cornish Lithium, said: “A responsible domestic supply of lithium will help to establish a battery industry in the UK, which is fundamental to support the UK automotive industry’s shift to manufacturing electric vehicles and is expected to be a key catalyst in the resurgence of Cornwall’s 4,000-year mining heritage. 

“It is also used in laptops and smartphones – the everyday electronic devices upon which most of us rely – as well as in energy storage batteries utilised alongside renewable energy projects.”

“We have already created more than 75 highly skilled, well-paid jobs in Cornwall and with the success of projects like this, we hope to create further career opportunities for local people in the future.

“This exploration project could be an important step towards achieving that aim and we look forward to sharing our plans with local residents and businesses.”

The planned geothermal lithium project at Tolgus would form part of Cornish Lithium’s wider strategy to contribute to a secure, domestic supply of lithium for the UK. 

By extracting lithium from mineral-rich groundwaters that circulate beneath the surface of Cornwall, Cornish Lithium aims to provide a carbon-neutral, low-impact resource to help mitigate the global lithium shortage and produce valuable by-products, including heat, which could be used as a renewable energy source for local businesses and communities in the future.

Further details of the Tolgus Project can be found on Cornish Lithium’s website at www.cornishlithium.com/tolgus/

If you are unable to attend these community engagement events and would like more information about Cornish Lithium’s proposed exploration programme at Tolgus, or have any questions, please email [email protected] or telephone the drilling team on 01326 640 640.