A 45-piece orchestra and singing collectives will take to the stage in Redruth to celebrate a decade of Cornwall’s national minority status.

The Treylva Collective — nine people with a passion for Cornish people, music and language and the Breselor Ensemble, who are reviving Cornish classical music — will play alongside the Cornwall Concert Orchestra at the Weslyan Church on Saturday, April 27, at 7pm.

The event, which will be a historic performance showcasing the Cornish language as an ancient source of Cornwall’s culture, will be making use of the outstanding acoustics in the 19th century built church.

Ben Sutcliffe,  a member of The Treylva Collective and the Breselor Ensemble, who is organising the event, said: “The creativity and Cornish-ness in the pieces of work we plan to share is incredible. 

“Combining the Cornish language in all its intricacies with the talent of local musicians, singers and songwriters will create a magical event which we think will become a little piece of Cornish history.”

The event has been born out of a residency between St Endelienta Arts and Lowender which took place in 2023 placing musicians and Cornish language speakers together to create work featuring the Cornish language.

The Treylva Collective was another outcome of the successful partnership.

Jowdy Davey, a trustee of Lowender which is an organisation supporting the event at Wesley Church, said: “To celebrate 10 years of Cornish National Minority Status with this event is going to be very special. Giving people the opportunity to engage in our culture in this way means people can hear Cornish voices, our native language and Cornwall’s historic classical music. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the anniversary!”

Tickets are on sale now for the event, which is taking place on April 27, the same week as the 10 year anniversary of Cornwall’s National Minority Status.

The UK government recognised the Cornish as a national minority on April 24, 2014, which affords Cornish people the same status as the Scots, Welsh and the Irish. 

This status allows Cornwall the right to express, preserve, and share its special identity and culture.

Tickets are available at www.ticketsource.co.uk/lowender/the-treylva-collective-breselor-ensemble-cornwall-concert-orchestra/e-ldoojz