People are being urged to keep a look out for a real-life Grinch who has been turning off the Christmas lights in Newquay Town Centre.

Newquay Town Council has launched operation 'Save the Sparkle' after a 'dastardly duo' have been spotted on the CCTV system switching off the festive illuminations.

A spokesperson said: "It seems we've got a real-life Grinch on the loose.

"We've spotted a dastardly duo on CCTV going around and switching off the town’s Christmas lights.

"Maybe they’re trying to reduce our electricity bill? Or maybe they found out they were on Santa’s naughty list?

"Either way, we really wish they wouldn’t spoil it for everyone else.

"Operation "Save the Sparkle" is now in effect.

"Let us know if you see anyone acting suspiciously and together, we can stop the Grinch(es) from ruining Christmas!"