By Craig Skeldon


Shipfaced secured the title with a 6-3 victory over stablemates, Wasted Seaman.

The race for second place goes down to the wire as Pelynt Travellers lost 5-4 to Pelynt. 

Third-placed Polruan Pirates closed the gap to three points with a 6-3 victory at Legio, although it could have closed even more with John Granger losing only his fourth game of the season to Phil Cunningham.

Tom Bridger and Ben Lewis both won the singles but teamed up and lost the doubles against Tom Smith and Steven Oliver and in the final match of the evening, while Steve Lewis lost 2-1 to  Gary Birkett.

Pelynt's win against Travellers meant they held onto fourth spot, while Udder Bullocks moved within two points after an 8-1 victory over Russell Smugglers.

A further two points adrift are Bulls Hitters who had a 6-3 victory against Russell Rebels. Ellie Sainsbury was the only singles winner for Rebels against Graham Hoare. 

In the final match of the season, Bulls Hitters could still snatch fourth place as they face bottom club A Team.

Old School Flingers almost sealed the fate of A Team who are now four points adrift at the foot of the table, but do look to be holding onto last year’s Wooden Spoon.

The two points for A Team, in the 7-2 defeat were singles wins for Gary and Ann Footman.

Results and Scorers: Bull Hitters 6 (I Dyer 4x100, 140 and 135 finish, S Crane 121, 123 and 135, D Thomas 2x100, G Toms 3x100, G Cartwright 125 and 140) Russell Rebels 3 (C Ziegland 100 and 121, E Sainsbury 101, R Sainsbury 100 and 132, Y Hutchings 3x100, R Sainsbury 3x100 and 128), Old School Flingers 7 (R Napper 100, T Owen 2x100, D Owen 100, 116 and 140) The A Team 2 (G Footman 115, C Carter 137, A Footman 101), Pelynt 5 (T Collins 120 and 121, T Davies 2x100 120, 125 and 2x140, J Harper 104, M Johns 3x100, 120 and 140, J Dicks 3x100 and 120, P Hobgen 3x100 and 140) Pelynt Travellers 4 (C Budd 100 and 140, S Rendle 4x100, N Hicks 3x100, 2x121 140 and 147 finish, S Batten 100, A Driver 2x100, 123 and 140, M Marshall 4x100 and 120), Shipfaced 6 (M Gilham 100 and 140, A Grant 3x100, 2x125, 127 and 3x140, N Toms 3x100, 180 and 142 finish, C Skeldon 2x100, K Courtis 100, 119 and 2x140, B Evans 140) Wasted Seamen 3 (J Fletcher 3x100 and 140, A Grice 3x100, 109, 117 and 121, M Warren 121, L Bryant 2x100, 121 and 140), Russell Smugglers 1 (B Beese 2x100 and 140, M Kemp 114, R Libby 120, C Fisher 100) Udder Bullocks 8 (J Collins 4x100, A Collins 2x100, A Bebb 100 and 117, D Smith 2x100 and 119, M Lorenz 3x100, T Collins 120), Legion 3 (P Cunningham 100, J Nelson 2x100, T Smith 2x100, C Cannock 3x100, G Birkett 4x100 and 140) Polruan Pirates 6 (J Grainger 3x100 and 140, T Bawden 3x100 and 140, T Bridger 2x100, 125 and 2x140, B Lewis 100, 118 and 140, A Devereaux 2x100 and 110 finish, S Lewis 3x100, 127 and 3x140).

Once the league is completed, the Blind Doubles competition will be held at Pelynt Social Club on Friday, April 19, while a week later sees the cup semi-finals at Tipsy Cow, Lanreath.The four semi-finalists who will find out their opponents on the night are, Polruan Pirates, Shipfaced, Pelynt and Bulls Hitters.