THE Cornwall Cricket Board has launched a Crowdfunder Campaign aimed at raising funds to modernise and enhance the Cornwall Cricket Centre, located at the Truro College Campus in Truro. 

The centre is a pivotal hub for cricket development and community engagement across Cornwall.

The centre serves as a vital facility for the Cornwall Cricket Board, accommodating teams ranging from disability cricket to county age groups. 

It provides essential winter training for cricket clubs throughout the county and hosts indoor competitions, ensuring cricket remains a year-round sport. 

Moreover, the centre is instrumental in volunteer, coach, and official education for all 66 clubs in Cornwall, underscoring its pivotal role in cricketing development.

Beyond cricket, the centre's adaptable main hall supports various sports and community activities, boasting five lanes and multiple classrooms for concurrent use. Proposed updates aim to expand usability, welcoming diverse sports and organisations. Envisioned enhancements include a theme wall featuring historical imagery of professional cricketers, inspiring current and future generations with the centre's storied legacy.

The centre's inclusive environment also supports the disability cricket team who are competing professionally for the first time this year, while fostering the growth of women's and girls' cricket across Cornwall.

"We are excited to embark on this Crowdfunder campaign to upgrade the Cornwall Cricket Centre," said Joe Skinner, managing director of the Cornwall Cricket Board. 

"The funds raised will support the purchase of new equipment, a fresh coat of paint, and the creation of inspirational displays. These improvements aim to ensure the centre remains a vibrant hub for cricket and community engagement.”

The campaign underscores the board's commitment to serving the county's cricketing community, facilitating regular courses and providing ongoing support to all clubs. Through consistent communication and collaboration, the board ensures it meets the evolving needs of clubs and participants.

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