The Solar System

The Sun is moving north and is in a fairly quiet time. Stay informed at

The Moon: New Moon April 8, First quarter April 15, Full (Pink) Moon April 23 - known as the Pink Moon after a wildflower that blooms at this time.

The Planets:

Mercury is too close to the Sun to be visible this month, andVenus is not well placed either.

Mars may be glimpsed early in the morning; Jupiter (in Aires) is still an evening object, but closes with the western horizon as the month wears on.

Saturn is in Aquarius - use Stellarium to locate it.

Meteor shower: The Lyrids peak on April 22.

Comet Pons Brooks 12P is can be spotted in a binocular on a clear night - the earlier the better, as it does get lighter as April wears on. Miss it and you will only have to wait 71 years for it to return!

Bright stars: Look out for the constellation Gemini, containing the heavenly twins of Castor and Pollux.

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