Conservative – Derek Thomas

Fishing and farming continue to be hugely significant sectors in Cornwall and on Scilly.

Yet, without farming, we would not have the food we need, countryside management would be non-existent and biodiversity would be significantly compromised. Without fishing, our coastal communities would quickly decline and we would lose a nutrient-rich part of our diet. And thousands of jobs would be lost.

If re-elected, I will carry on supporting farmers to get a fair price for the food they produce, press to simplify the sustainable farming incentive process, work to ease labour shortages and back farmers to secure renewable power on buildings on non-productive land.

For fishermen, I will press government to lock foreign vessels out of the 12 mile limit from 2026, argue for less quota restrictions on the inshore fleet, support initiatives that encourage people into the industry and work to secure some of the £100-million for West Cornwall’s harbour infrastructure and to support our fishermen with modern catching and processing methods.

Labour – Dr Filson Ali

Outflows of raw sewage into the sea threatens people's health, the environment and our local economy. South-West Water is one of the worst offenders in the country for polluting our water. Last year the company was responsible for a, 55 per cent increase in sewage discharges into the sea and rivers.

Earlier this year the company agreed to pay out £3.5-million to residents in Devon who were affected by a parasite which infected their water supply.

Despite the sewage discharges and poisoning of their customers it was announced last week the SW Water boss, Susan Davy, would receive a pay increase of £300,00, boosting her salary from £543,000 last year to £860,000.

Labour believes urgent action is needed to tackle the mismanagement of water companies like SW Water, as they prioritise profits for shareholders before public health and our environment. If elected, we pledge to:

• Automatically fine firms for sewage dumping,

• Introduce legally binding targets to end 90 per cent of sewage discharges by 2030,

• Stop bonuses being paid to the bosses of company

Green Party — Ian Flindall

The Green Party is pro-European, and proudly so. We opposed UK withdrawal from the EU, and believe that Britain would be better off politically, socially, environmentally and economically had we maintained our EU membership.

I am old enough to remember when our conservative Prime Minister, Ted Heath implored the President of France, Charles de Gaulle, to drop his veto against the British being around the table. He was successful, enabling us to benefit from concerted European effort and economic progress.

A united international response to global issues is needed now more than ever. Full membership of the EU remains the best option for the UK.

Green MPs will work towards:

• Rejoining the EU as soon as possible

• Joining the Customs Union as a first step

• A speedy return to the free movement of people between the UK and EU.

• Rejoining the Erasmus programme which enables students to study for a year in another European country.

In short, I will work towards reversing Brexit - REXIT – You heard it here first!

• Also standing is John Harris (The Common People), Jason Saunders (UK Independence Party - UKIP), Dave Laity (Independent), Paul Nicholson (Independent), Andrew George (Liberal Democrats) and Giane Mortimer (Reform UK).