Conservative – Scott Mann

I’m a father myself, and I know there's a problem with finding an NHS dentist in Cornwall for our kids. I've been working to solve it since long before the pandemic, but we know Covid has only made the situation worse.

When I speak to our dentists, the contract that they sign up to provide NHS services has been the main barrier that’s raised with me. I have made representations on their behalf to Ministers.

The government listened to me and made significant changes to the NHS Dental Contract, changes that will, over time, improve the availability of NHS dental services in Cornwall. I’ve ensured that we receive additional funding through the NHS Dental Recovery Plan, creating 2.5-million more NHS dental appointments, and I have backed the building of a brand new NHS Dental Clinic in Launceston.

I pledge to ensure that mobile NHS Dental services visit our villages and towns; I will continue to support reform of the NHS Dental Contract; and I will push for keyworker housing specifically for dentists as part of developments. There is no quick fix to the dental problem – but I promise you, I will keep working hard on this issue.

Labour – Robyn Harris

Get ready for a political rollercoaster! Buckle up, folks, because we're diving into a whirlwind of challenges and hopes. Let's talk about how life under the Conservative government turned me into a bargain deal, juggling low wages and a community hit by tough times. From heating bills to Christmas savings, the struggle is real. Working families are leaning on food banks, and women are superhero-juggling care, kids, and jobs. It's a tale of hard work and heartache in our lovely Cornwall. But fear not, hope is on the horizon! As a Labour candidate, I'm all about turning the tide. Picture a Cornwall where green energy blooms, breakfasts are free, and cops are back on the beat. It's time to revamp the NHS, fix housing woes, and make sure our economy is shipshape. No more playing fast and loose with our hard-earned cash. Let's sail towards a brighter tomorrow together!

Let us not forget the last fourteen years of austerity, Brexit, a pandemic, Party Gate, economic crisis, and an energy crisis that is the legacy of the Conservative Party.

Liberal Democrats – Ben Maguire

Summer is upon us, and with the sun (occasionally!) shining, we’re beginning to spend more time enjoying our beautiful rivers and coastline with our families, friends and our four-legged companions . It should, of course, be a care-free time for us all, but these days there’s something on our minds: exactly how clean are our Cornish waters?

House of Commons research shows sewage was dumped into Cornish rivers and onto beaches on 16,672 separate occasions in 2023. This is a 47 per cent increase in the number of sewage spills in the Duchy on the previous year. Incredibly, despite these stomach-churning figures, 292 Tory MPs voted in 2023 to allow sewage dumps for another 15 years. River wildlife is being decimated, while swimmers and surfers are increasingly experiencing sewage-related illnesses. Yet South West Water continues to make millions while sewage discharges increase. It’s simply outrageous.

The people of Cornwall deserve to swim, surf and enjoy safe, clean waters. If elected, I will work to stop the discharge of sewage into our waters, to ban fat-cat bonuses and to transform private water companies into public benefit companies. The stink stops here.

Reform UK – Rowland O’Connor

I welcome Matt Thompson to his new role [principal of Launceston College] and wish him every success in implementing a new vision for Launceston College.

Since putting myself forward to serve the public, I have had several parents getting in touch with me asking for help, particularly with Special Education Needs (SEND) issues. One parent said to me: ‘my son is so sad and depressed, he just hates going in and it never used to be this way. I have so many friends whose children also feel that way’.

It is vital that our children feel safe and cared for in school. Where things aren’t working out, parents must be confident that Launceston College has the best interest of their family as a priority.

I am aware of the trust with Launceston College in the local community. It is time for Launceston College to re-engage with parents to work together to re-establish trust.

I was delighted to speak with Mr Thompson and hear his ambitious plans for addressing parents' concerns over the next few weeks.

A parents meeting will be announced shortly.

• Also standing is Lance Symonds (Green Party).