It’s hard to know when summer really starts, it’s still feeling cool and a bit spring-like. I guess the advent of the Royal Cornwall Show is a sign we are making the transition. We went on the Saturday, as you’d expect it was pretty hectic. I personally am not fond of crowds and actually prefer some of the smaller steam fairs and so on, but it was pleasant enough.

We managed to secure a nice table in the members area and kept it for a while, with people drifting in and out. I popped off and bought a lovely walking stick from a craftsmen from Devon who spent many years in Africa. I returned to the table to find Piggy had arrived and was occupying a fair part of it. haven’t seen him for ages, so we had good chat about nothing exceptional. Bryan, of molecatcher fame, pitched up, looking worse for wear from the previous evening and starting off proceedings with a strange red drink with gin or vodka (who knows, who cares?) in it. He was trying to remember if he’d had an argument with anyone the night before but it remained a mystery. He was muttering about needing - I simply have to have it - a new quad bike but it seemed a lot of price negotiation was required. I suspect a deal is in the offing.

Tom, being nearly 6 years old, was enjoying the tractors and machinery, explaining the difference to me of a New Holland or a John Deere. He had a ball and I learnt a lot. But for me, the promotion of country pursuits and skills are such an important part of the show and help preserve them for the future. I must admit, I must spend more time next year looking at the smaller stalls and less in hospitality, but it’s hard when you keep bumping into old friends. It was a very convivial atmosphere and it’s a great venue to see old mates - it’s was these shows are all about.

• Fred Knobbit is a nature blogger. He grew up in the Pennines in Lancashire on the edge of an industrial town but is now safely in Cornwall. You can read his archive at

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